Monday, Dec 11, 2023

What’s the Best Yoga for Beginners?

Everywhere we look, we see something that reminds us of mind-body practices.  While yoga has been around for thousands of years, it has become so very popular in many western cultures and we’re all starting to learn that we can literally improve our moods and mentalities from a regular yoga practice.  Commercials show us people practicing yoga to tell us that they offer good health, and clothing manufacturers use yoga as a way to sell their merchandise. 

adaptive yoga

Like many others, I have been influenced by all of these media messages and have experienced the bliss of practicing yoga. 

With the growing popularity of yoga, many people who don’t have a regular yoga practice or even any familiarity with the practice are starting to turn to yoga.  Beginners can sometimes be worried about trying yoga.  A lot of times people fear that they “won’t be good at yoga,” without really understanding that there is no such thing as not being good at yoga.  Yoga is for everyone, and there’s something that this practice has to offer everybody.  You don’t have to be flexible, fit, thin, or strong to practice yoga.  In fact, we practice yoga so that we can become more flexible and improve our strength.  

There are many props that can be used in yoga to help people feel supported as they come into yoga postures.  There are blocks, straps, and blankets that yoga practitioners can sit on or pop underneath their hands or knees to help them keep their pelvis neutral or reach places they wouldn’t otherwise reach.  With accessible yoga becoming more and more common, beginners are feeling less intimidated to give yoga a try.  Many beginners want to know what is the best yoga workout for beginners without equipment, and there are a lot of options.

You don’t actually need yoga props to practice yoga, and you can start in the comfort of your own home.  You really don’t even need to have a yoga mat.  You can begin practicing with just a towel or even on your carpet.  It’s best not to practice on a slippery surface if you don’t have a yoga mat.  Sometimes, people even enjoy outdoor yoga practices in the grass.  Outdoor yoga practices can be quite relaxing, whether it’s beach yoga or mountain yoga.  

People who are looking for the best full-body yoga workout routine for beginners at home may consider starting with some sun salutations or half-sun salutations to start to warm the body.  Traditionally, this is the way that yogis would begin practice to burn the tension out of the body and start to ignite their internal fire.  Once a few rounds of sun salutations have been completed, it’s customary to move onto standing postures like the warrior series or extended side angle.  From here, balancing postures are usually next, such as tree pose or dancer pose.  

About halfway through the practice, the yoga practitioner might come down onto the mat for some seated stretches.  Seated forward folds and backbends.  If inversions are part of the practice, this is the time when they would traditionally be introduced.  Most yoga practices end with a twist, whether it is reclined or seated.  After the final twist, it’s time for Savasana which is the final place of rest where you can actually absorb the benefits of your practice.

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