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Three Yoga Experts Answer 10 Questions

Is yoga just another buzzword or the next big trend in well-being that will come and go? Who could tell? But it seems to me that it is here to stay (or at least for a while).

Women Fitness team touched grounds with 3 Qualified Yoga trainers to get answers to frequently asked questions by beginners and intermediate yoga students.

Read on to clear your doubts Hope the answers make you more confident with Yoga Practice.

1- Tina Hnatiuk

A renowned Yoga and Mindfulness Teacher with over 30,000 downloads and a 96%-star rating on Insight Timer the largest meditation app in the world. You can find her at She is also a Life Coach obsessed with Positive Psychology and neuroscience

Three Yoga Experts Answer 10 Questions

Yoga FAQ’s with Answers by Tina

How often and for how long should I do an asana?

As often as works for your lifestyle and as little as a few minutes at a time. A consistent short practice will do more for your body, mind, and spirit than one long practice a week. I’m a big advocate of 5 minutes a day. It’s simple, doable, and fits into most people’s busy lives.

How much air do you roughly breathe every day?

You breathe in just over 2,000 gallons of air each day (enough to almost fill up a normal-sized swimming pool

Am I breathing properly to full capacity?

Most people don’t, however you can practice breathing fully through different Pranayama breathing techniques that focus on breathing fully into all sides of your body.

Can I practice Yoga Nidra while traveling in flight?

Yoga Nidra is best done lying down; however it may still help calm your mind.

Why do I experience knee pain during Padmasana?

This is often due to tight hips. When the hips are tight, it causes strain on the knees.

How do I choose a prenatal yoga class?

The most important thing to consider is that it’s accessible to you, you like the teacher, and it feels good.

How yoga can help with middle back pain?

In yoga we move the spine dynamically in all 6 directions (forward bending, back bending, side bending, and twisting left and right). This helps stretch the muscles along the spine, and relieve pain in the middle back often related to slouching and sitting.

My middle back rises during a crunch, how to correct it?

I’m not sure I understand this question. Your shoulders and middle back should lift during a crunch to contract the abdominal muscles.

Tech neck and headache, single stretch I can do to avoid it.

Posture is everything. To combat tech neck, sit up tall and draw the back of your skull to the wall behind you while slightly tucking your chin. This lengthens the back of your neck bringing your head into a neutral position.

To stretch the muscles in the front of your neck, place your right hand directly on your skin below your left collar bone. Gently holding the skin down

, lift the left side of your jaw up towards the ceiling and over to your right. Repeat on the other side.

Message for International Yoga Day 2022:

Yoga will only change your life. It is as much a homecoming as it is a journey to the Self. Sending you love on this International Yoga Day.

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