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Can a CBD Massage Help Me Sleep Better?

Good sleep hygiene is essential for our mental and physical well-being. Many people find getting good sleep difficult. This can be a problem for many.

To support better sleep quality, there are many tried-and-true, nonpharmaceutical strategies that can be used to help. These include turning off screens at least one hour before bed, drinking your favorite herbal tea in the afternoon, and taking a warm bath with Epsom Salts. CBD massage is another option that has recently become more popular.

What is CBD?

Cannabidiol (or CBD) is a chemical compound found within the flowers of hemp (Cannabis Sativa). This plant contains hundreds of compounds, including tetrahydrocannabinol. CBD, unlike THC is not psychoactive. It will not get you high. The benefits of this phytocannabinoid include relaxation and sleep, muscle inflammation relief, and stress reduction.

CBD can be taken in capsules or beverages. Or it can be absorbed by the skin through topical products such as CBD massages.

Cord Coen, the founder of Antara, a full spectrum CBD body-care line, says that CBD interacts with the body’s endocannabinoid systems. This vast network of receptors helps the body maintain many physical processes that support general wellness and good overall health. "CBD can help relieve daily stress, promote calmness and well-being and encourage recovery from exercise." (Read More: "Is CBD Effective?"

What is CBD and massage?

LifeSpa offers a range of Antara products, including two balms as well as an oil. The Relief Balm, which contains 800mg of CBD, is a favorite. It can be used in small amounts to target specific areas or tighten up muscles.

Coen states that Antara products for massage offer 100 mg of CBD and go up from there, while CBD products typically only contain 10 mg. We are concerned that many CBD products offer low levels of CBD. This makes it feel like a marketing stunt rather than a true wellness tool. To truly help our guests and move the needle, we wanted to offer massages with a therapeutic dose of CBD at least 100mg.

LifeSpa CBD massages are similar to other types of massages, but can be customized to suit individual needs. It is unique because Antara CBD products can be used instead of traditional massage oils or lotions. The CBD Balance Oil contains 300mg of CBD and is used by therapists on their entire body. Any targeted pain is treated with the Relief Balm. If the client requests, a massage therapist can also use the Restore Balm 300mg -- instead of 800m -- to treat pain.

Coen states that "our focus as a brand was to provide an effective strength while still maintaining safety for the wide range people who use our products every single day." It is a good idea to consult a trusted doctor if there are any concerns, or if you are pregnant, nursing, or have underlining medical conditions or are taking medication.

Coen is a former massage therapist and has unique insight into the power of a massage when it's paired with high quality CBD. Antara was founded by Coen with the intention of delivering high-quality CBD products. The LifeSpa team chose Antara because they understood that promise.

Coen says that the CBD we use comes from hemp plants grown on organic farms, which makes it extremely pure. It is full-spectrum which means it also contains other beneficial compounds of the hemp plant. This can give an 'entourage effect,' which magnifies the positive effects when all the compounds are working together.

What does it feel like to receive a CBD massage?

Zac Ellis is a LifeSpa massage therapist in Minnetonka. He has witnessed and felt the clients' reactions. Ellis states that clients feel more relaxed after receiving a massage that contains CBD oil. After a CBD massage, my clients feel calm and relaxed. I love it when clients leave the treatment room feeling refreshed and ready to go. But also, they are ready for a rest.

This can happen because CBD makes people feel calmer, clearer, and gives them a sense of renewal. At the same time, the CBD also helps to lift tension and remove pain from the muscles. Coen states that CBD helps you to relax and not be so focused on your pain. CBD is known to support the body's ability of restoring balance. You can relax more and be more at ease when your body is in balance.

Ellis concurs: "CBD can help you deal with a variety of issues that you deal with every day." A CBD massage can reduce inflammation both internal and exterior. It can also decrease stress, anxiety, tension, pain, and muscle aches. It can also help us to improve our focus and regulate our bodies, which will bring us back into a well-balanced state.

How long does a CBD massage take to reap the benefits? Ellis says that clients have experienced the benefits of CBD within a 30-minute session. "But we can also go up to 90 minutes."

What time should I have a CBD massage before bed?

A CBD massage may help you sleep better, but it won't cause drowsiness. You can safely receive a CBD treatment and then drive a car. You don't need to schedule the massage before bed.

Coen states that CBD can be used at the best time for you. It can help you sleep better later if it is taken in the morning.

To rule out serious health conditions, you should consult your healthcare provider if you are concerned about disrupted or long-term sleep. CBD massages might be the right thing for you if you just need some relaxation and restoration.

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