Monday, Dec 11, 2023

Jensen Ackles is a bearded, buff man in a new shirtless photo ahead of his 'The Boys’ debut

Although Jensen Ackles is yet to make his debut in the third season The Boys, he is already making waves online. Ackles posted some throwback photos of his episode filming one year ago in anticipation of its release on June 3.

The actor posted on Instagram, "Thanks iPhone for reminding my what I looked like one year ago today." "All ready and waiting for #soldierboy action !!!" He said that he was "excited" to see the new season of The Boys on Prime and added: "It's going to get hairy."

Ackles' impressive physique was soon the talk of the town. This is due to both his famous friends and his thirsty fans. "That's right, stud !!!" "That's right stud!" wrote Seal Teamactor Max Theriot. This Is Usstar Justin Hartley simply said: "Jacked!" Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Ackles' Supernaturalcostar, waxed lyrical with his comment: "Look ....." I didn't know what a "thirst trap", until I looked at these photos. .... I needed to use a napkin for my mouth.

Ackles is most well-known for his role as Dean Winchester, the shredded demon hunter, in the drama series Supernatural. He has teased his role in The Boys on social media before. Last year, he posted a video of his jacked biceps to Instagram after news of his casting. And even hinted at a strictly NSFW scene in Season 3.

Ackles will portray Soldier Boy in the new season The Boys. The comic books that inspired the series are a violent satire of superhero tropes created in DC and Marvel. Soldier Boy is similar to Captain America. He is a military man with enhanced strength and other abilities and is undoubtedly one of the first superheroes to emerge from the universe.

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